134 Reasons You Can’t Find A Man.

Have you every wondered why you are single and/or struggling in your relationships? If yes, this is the perfect book and journal that will challenge you to dig deep and do a self-evaluation. This quick read is an introspective of life and everything that you have been taught from birth until NOW. If you truly desire change, this book will provoke you to change your life!


I See You: Igniting Hope and Preventing Suicide.

Mental health and hopelessness are on the rise. Understanding diversity and inclusion is something that we all should master. Griffin patterned her understanding of love and compassion with emojis to combat suicide in all demographics that tells a short story. This book is complimented with a pair of yellow no lens glasses representing “I See You.” “I See You” uses sight words which increases the reading skills of young readers everywhere. A musical selection can be downloaded online (I See You Freedom Chant).


3PM: The Preacher, The Power, The Penis & Me.

Being the preacher’s wife is everything but what you expect it to be. This book depicts Griffin’s life as the pastor’s wife to walking into her freedom after divorce. Griffin decided to walk away from a life of bondage re-discovering herself, her purpose, and freedom on her terms!


What About the Children Listening to Their Heart’s Cry?

Co-Authored with twenty-five teen mothers from Philadelphia, PA, Griffin turned a mentoring program into a learning experience challenging each mentee to tell their story. In this book you will understand the dynamics and causes of teen pregnancy. You will learn that everyone has a story and glass houses can shatter!

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From the Heart of a Woman: Her Pain, Her Passion; Her Reality.

Griffin’s first book is a compilation of poetry and inspired words. Written in Bungoma, Kenya Africa while speaking at a Spiritual Retreat, Griffin takes you on a poetic journey from the US to The Continent. This book reaches into the soul and grabs your attention. Every woman can relate worldwide!

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