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Our services include but are not limited to:

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Event Planning 

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And Whatever You Can Dream Of.

We are a conduit of resources working with global entities. Our roster consists of professional athletes, busy professionals, celebrities, entrepreneurs, business entities, and those who desire to monetize off of their gifts and talents. Our rolodex is extensive. At CKG Unlimited, LLC we uniquely develop a plan that would suit your individual need moving you forward. Our CEO has over 25 years of experience in connecting the dots moving her clients forward to a world of success. Recently, Griffin managed a production deal for a former NBA player. What took over two years took Griffin 4 months. Griffin recently connected a Houston NBA Agent to an anticipated number one draft pick. Griffin is well connected in many industries. If you need it, she can do it. Griffin is a member of Pro Athletes Mastermind that serves former and present athletes. Griffin serves as a life coach at Before You Go Pro and at Her Nexx Chapter. Beside running her own business, Griffin, is the COO for the ICPD Group managing an estimated $600M project, the “Game Bottle” which extends across all professional sports entities globally. Griffin has experience in event planning that extends from Fairbanks, Alaska- Creativity Ministry of the Arts – and as far as Cavazzale Italy (Northern Europe) where she hosted ML King’s Ebenezer Baptist Church. Everywhere Griffin finds herself, she makes an impact bringing fresh ideas to the forefront. Because Griffin’s resume is too extensive, we know that you would benefit from a thirty-minute introduction meeting.