Hey Butterflies! Thank you for tuning in on today. It's been an interesting one and it's only 11:46 AM. Anywho (my word), let's discuss women's empowerment or not. As we know, everyone has their opinion and that's what make the world go around...

I know what bondage is and I promised never to go back. I was in the cocoon so long that I had to get out. In the cocoon it's dark and slimy; but it was a process for something beautiful to be created - the NEW ME. Shit, I'm glad that I was there. I AM a beautiful butterfly living my authentic life as I please and apologetically.

When I look at Cardi B and Meg, I see beautiful women going against the odds and living in THEIR freedom. Many grown women can't say that. I personally know women in their seventies (70) just starting to live out loud. Women have been enslaved to the ideations of what a woman should be and how a woman should act. I believe that any individual should be what God created them to be. I remember when Beyonce came into her womanhood and produced the Lemonade album. She had finally walked into her "sexy" telling the world to FUCK OFF. Many people, especially women, were pointing fingers. It's simple, they wanted to be her if for a moment. They, too, wanted to be free, but they were afraid. Why? Freedom cost just like it did during times of slavery. Sometimes the price is too much that one is willing to pay so they'll stay stuck in bondage because it's familiar and presumed "easier." Freedom simply means that I need to figure it out and that I might lose people in the process.

As for WAP, in my personal opinion, it's liberating. Songs like this have been made previously. Lucille Bogan also sang songs about her vagina like Shave 'em Dry. And men have been singing and rapping these type of lyrics for forever. The script has just been flipped and men are the objects of a woman's affection. Now she's taking his money openly and he's giving it to her gracefully. Women are now in control of their vaginas. Women are firing men and moving on to the next. As for me, I'm married, but in any situation, I give what's given. It's Cheron's World and I'm in charge of it.

Thank you Cardi and Meg for a woman's anthem. Thank you for entertaining us with your freedom. Thank you for showing women that they can live authentically. Thank you for empowering women to BE.

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