Confidence or Cockiness

In my opinion, I believe that I've always been humble and sometimes a "false humiliation" to make other people feel comfortable. It goes back to my last blog which talks about NOT dimming your light for others to shine. I remember the day when a "perceived" close friend called me arrogant aka cocky. I'm neither one. When I was on welfare, I was confident and in the midst of pain, trauma, and turmoil, I remained confident in not only who I am, but who God is to me.

Confidence is when you are at your worst, but you still realize that God is good and that God created you the way you are for a purpose. Confidence is walking in a room with no money, but just a smile that gains everyone's attention. Confidence is trusting that the universe will bring everything you need at the right time. Confidence is when you give out of a personal need knowing it will return. Somehow, I have managed to attract the right people at the right time who was attracted to my confidence, brains, tenacity, and spirituality.

As you move forward in life and ELEVATE, it's okay to recognize your self worth and value. You were created to shine like a diamond understanding that the pressures of life came to enhance your beauty. On my 50TH Birthday, I said that I wouldn't change a damn thing about who I am and what I have gone through because it (all of it) made me who I am - successful and ready for the world.

In conclusion, be CONFIDENT in who you are and the abilities that you were blessed with. Use those things to catapult you into destiny and make you successful. Ask yourself, would I do business with someone confident or cocky. To answer my own question, I would do business with both because both are sure about themselves and what they have to offer to the world. Cockiness and confidence are both a matter of one's perception. I'm sure that I am both - confident and cocky.

Cheron K. Griffin

Celebrity Life Coach

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