Stop Being Uncomfortable

Stop being uncomfortable for someone else's comfort - BE YOU! I use to act like and be like someone that I didn't know. I was dimming my light so that others could shine. Now, I'm different. If my light dims your light, I suggest that you shine a little brighter - elevate, upgrade, level-up!

In life, we go through situations that causes us to fall to the rear and not shine so bright. Some of us have gone through trauma and have come out successfully by choice and others are still holding onto the past. Whatever the case, I'd like to encourage you to live your authentic life apologetically as long as you're not hurting others or self. I want you to shine brighter than sun and any star in the sky. You really can. It takes courage to be "the real you."

Sometimes, we must hold on to another bright light so that we too can catch on fire and shine. Everyone needs someone that will hold them accountable to being better. If you do not have that in your life, you really aren't living. In your circle of friends, who's encouraging you to be eat healthier? Who's encouraging you to date smarter? Who's encouraging you to be better? Who's taking you to millionaire status?

In conclusion, I want to be brighter for the world to see. I have taken the necessary steps to increase my value and my life. I am comfortable making people uncomfortable and I am living my authentic life with no apologies or excuses. Join me in staying connected to something called freedom.

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