Survival of the Fittest

In this hour, so many people are wondering, "Will I Survive?" My question to you is, "Do you want to survive." Survival, like anything else, is a mindset. Every athlete has to not only train physically, but an athlete also has to train mentally. Right NOW, I want you to condition your mind, spirit, and your body for success. The mind tells the body what to do and your spirit has a direct connection to source (God / Spirit / Universe). NOW is the time to get strong and win at this game called life. You've slept on yourself and your gifts too long and you are losing. You chose to lose because of a plethora of reasons from lacking confidence to fear to being a people pleaser.

While we are still in the effects of Covid-19, use this time wisely to strengthen your being. Take free classes, find a life coach, create something that will last like a book. Stop making excuses for why not and concentrate on the why. Get in tune with spirit and ask what you should be learning at this moment. There are lessons in everything, but you must be willing to learn. I beg of you, stop procrastinating and take a chance on yourself. Chances are you will win. We are in the survival of the fittest phase of life. I am cheering you on.

Cheron K. Griffin

Celebrity Life Coach

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