The Authentic You

The Authentic You is the best version of you. The Authentic You represents your right to be free and live life on your terms and your way. I cannot talk about the Authentic You enough. Why? Because I meet women who continuously wear a mask pretending to be something they are not. We adorn the outer with fine clothes, makeup, expensive fragrances, and jewels, but the inner is wanting to be free. I must admit that your freedom could potentially cost you relationships – family, friends, and business. My position from experience is that it is worth it.

From age 0 to age 40, I lived life on other people’s terms their way, but when she (The Real Cheron) emerged, life changed. I was ready to let go and allow the universe to align the puzzle pieces on my behalf. I wrote books, a reality show, a movie, and my life began to shape itself in a more successful and productive way. I was now smiling from the inside out and living on purpose. I WAS FREE to do what I wanted when I wanted whether taking a months’ vacation to a foreign country or creating something that could potentially change the world. I began to live. I could breathe. My self-love was now evident others. Happiness became my friend. Some people appreciated it and others did not. I became me very best friend who no longer seeked validation from others. Source validated my very existence from my creation.

As you continue on your journey, ask yourself if you are living or just existing. Living is a way of life or a lifestyle. Existing is just surviving. Living is choosing happiness. Existing is being here physically and doing enough to get by. Based on the previous, I’d rather live. You have a choice. I hope that you choose living your authentic life.

Cheron K. Griffin

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