The Hate You Give

This entire year has been interesting to some and a blessing to others. After listening to many people dog out Cardi B, Meg the Stallion, and Kamala Harris, all I can say is, "The Hate You Give."

Hate is a reflection of what's going on within oneself. The twisted truth is that self hate is real. When you have the audacity to spew hateful words regarding another, it's just like looking in your own mirror. All you see is the ugliness within. You feel the pain that you haven't healed from. You keep experiencing a cycle of rejection. The bitter truth and the common denominator is YOU. For the record, GOD IS LOVE and where there is the true essence of GOD, love is.

As a Black woman, I am so tired of the shade we throw at each other as opposed to celebrating one's accomplishments. No, we will not always agree with each other, but lets learn to season our words with kindness and try to understand each other. We all have made mistakes and will continue. Am I my sister's keeper? Hell, I AM. And as the old adage says, "If you don't have anything to say, don't say anything at all." Saying nothing speaks volumes. But when you are a hater, everyone knows it without anyone saying a word. How? Your vibe is off. Your spirit is exposing itself. And your energy sucks.

In conclusion, I'd like to offer a last bit of advice. My advice is see a therapist or higher a life coach and get to the core of your issues. I promise you that once you are healed, your entire life will be like a sunny day. You will be able to celebrate others and see life in a different perspective. As my daughter says, "It's always sunny over here."

Final Thought - Don't Get It Twisted!

Cheron K. Griffin, Celebrity Life Coach

Personal Development | Speaker | #1 Thought Provok-Her

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