The State of Flow

It is quite evident that some of us think the same and others think differently. Many people who speak so eloquently of having faith, never experienced what it is to live by faith even those who frequent the church building. When you have everything at your fingertips, faith is not required UNTIL disease or death comes knocking at your door. When you have nothing, it is hard to believe that God exist, or God will provide. The struggle is real for many. "Where is God?" Personally, I've always lived by faith not knowing its "name" as a child - faith. I prayed and it came. I spoke and it happened. I stayed in a constant state of flow not understanding. I know now that everything is in constant motion and like attracts like. We feel energy. We know when someone's spirit is off, and we know when we're vibing with someone else. In church we say spirit. In the urban community we call it vibe. And new age thinkers called it energy. Whatever you call it, it's the same - energy, vibe, and spirit - and it flows.

Being in the state of flow simply means that you are connected to that entity that has your full attention. You lose time and become lost in your task. Flowing simply means that I'm enjoying what I'm doing, and I can't see myself doing something different right now. I'm lost and I'm fully immersed. It is what it is. My conscious is absorbed in my state of being and I'm loving where I AM. I'm flowing with God and I am living on purpose. I AM doing what I was created to do. How many of us can say that we are in a state of flow? How many of us know what our purpose is? How many of us are happy on the inside? In order to be in a state of flow, sometimes we have to let go of the familiar and trust spirit with the unfamiliar. We must be like Peter and walk on water. That took faith and a state of consciousness (mind power). The water representing the constant flow of energy (motion) and Peter representing faith and belief in a high power. The universe is there to assist us all: whatever we need and when we need it. If you don't receive what you heart's desire, it's your fault. You have the power within to create and give birth. If your baby (the gift God blessed you with) is still born it's because you were afraid to give birth (flow). If you abort the baby (the gift within you) you decided to let it (the gift) die. You said no when all God asked for was a yes. You have no one to blame, but yourself. Why? you were afraid to allow yourself to be in a state of flow. You decided not to trust God.

In conclusion, once you enter the state of flow, your life will be easier and smoother. You will position yourself to live your best life and live on purpose. You will become unstoppable even with the bumps and bruises that might come your way. When you flow, you let go and allow the universe to align the puzzle pieces on your behalf. All I am suggesting is to let go and just FLOW. Flow into your purpose. Flow with God. Flow in You Relationships. Flow

Cheron K. Griffin

"Celebrity Life Coach"

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