When He Cheats

Cheating is the worst thing that you can feel on earth. It destroys trust. It hurts egos. It disrupts a life. I don't wish the feeling of being cheated on on my worst enemy. Women tend to bounce back, but it's very hard for a man to swallow his pride. As a personal development life coach and as a friend, I never tell anyone to leave their marriage or their relationship. Why? I don't tell anyone to leave their marriage or relationship because if they decide to work on the relationship after the damage, you will be considered "THE HATER!"

As I look back on my life and the times I was cheated on, I would have left immediately and took my chances on winning. I was married 16 years and I thought that I was doing the right thing "according to Christ." Since, I have left my marriage and I am soaring. Life could not be any better. It's unfortunate that many people are in the same predicament that I was in - doing the right thing because of religion or the fear of leaving. I was so brain washed by religion that I believed that God would leave me if I left a mentally abusive marriage. That alone is so untrue. After leaving my marriage, I challenged my way of thinking and the God that I served so fervently. I found out otherwise. I found out that I was taught was wrong. A loving God would not want you to accept any type of abuse - mental, physical, or spiritual.

I would like to encourage you on to today and for a lifetime, challenge your thinking. Seek spirit for yourself and challenge what doesn't seem right to you. God is so much bigger than your hurt and your pain. God will take your pain and turn it into a business. It's your time to re-evaluate self, love self, and live your best life.

Cheron K. Griffin


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