Who Do You Think You Are?

Life is interesting and so are you. As I sit and think about all the wonderful souls that I know - I see a pattern of not knowing. One question that I love to ask is, "Who are you?" Better yet, lets say it like this, "Who Do You Think You Are?" Unfortunately, most people do not know who they are whether in church, on the field, and in between. There is plenty of "mistaken identity" in our society. Again, "Who do you think you are?" You encompass different characters like mother, father, husband and so forth, but again, who are you? What are those hidden treasures in you?

The truth is that you are many wonderful things that you have not tapped into. You have hidden treasures within and you have an audience that will listen. There are so many poor people who are really rich in ideas, businesses, and financial wealth. There are great ideas that drop in your spirit or come to your mind that you entertain and then let pass by. Many people are fearful of failing so those treasure within die. I have great news for you. You can do it. There's some risk involved.

As I look at my short lived life (smile), I've tried and failed and I've tried and succeeded. I love when those around me think that I've lost my mind or I'm not hearing God. Those people don't determine who I am or my destiny. I focus on the God within and I'm led by spirit. God always proves me right and them wrong. I know who I am! And I know who I love, me.

When you are different (as we all are) you do not do things like those who choose to be ordinary. You go big or you go home. You operate in excellence. You pray without ceasing and continue to seek source for clarity and direction. When you know who you are, you are unstoppable and you keep pursuing purpose and passion. Life doesn't stop when you retire from one job, you create another Every connection, every conversation, every moment is another step forward. Have as many as you can handle and be open to receive insight. Don't give up even in times of self doubt. You might cry (snickering), but you keep going. You might pause and breath, but you keep going. Life isn't for the faint at heart. It's for those who are in survival mode and who desire more. It's all about your mindset. As a person thinks, so they are! Who are you? Better yet, who do you think you are?

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