Why Athletes and Celebrities Need a Life Coach

Most Professional Athletes and Celebrities have a coach for everything else, but life. Someone that sings normally has a vocal coach. A football player normally has an endurance coach or strength coach. A basketball player might have a personal development coach. A speaker might have a speaking and communication coach. The list continues and you get the point by now. But, who enhances the life of the athlete, celebrity, CEO, or the person who has the high functioning position? Normally, no one does.

It is vital and important that the high functioning professionals be great at their craft and great at their life. There needs to be someone behind the scenes who is encouraging, equipping, empowering and moving that person forward in their personal life. This person should offer honesty, loyalty, integrity, confidentiality, and professionalism above and beyond the call of duty. This individual should be the "watch dog" making sure that this person is protected financially, professionally, and personally. It is also necessary not to be a YES MAN.

Working with high functioning individuals is a blessing and offers many rewards, but the greatest reward is changing a life and offering what most people do not - compassion and understanding. It is essential that athletes, celebrities, CEO's, and other high functioning fast pace professionals have balance, something that's often missing especially now in the midst of Covid-19. Being a celebrity has it's perks, but it's not everything that you think.

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