What About the Children: Listening To Their Heart's Cry is a  book that will touch the hearts of many. You will be able to hear the voice of young woment from the Elect Summer Institute Program held at Simon Gratz High School. Many of these young ladies are parents, some are pregnant, and others simply needed a credit. You will hear their pain, their fears, their dreams, their hopes, and their joys. Though many of these young women have never been given the chance to be heard, this is their opportunity to be a voice for other young people in their communities and abroad. You will find that you can relate to them on many different levels and that death and life are closer than we think. These young ladies represent voices across the world, as well as the school system of Philadelphia. They represent the innocent blood that has been shed thus far. The schools being represented are Simon Gratz, Communication Technology School, Delaware Valley Charter, Franklin Learning Center, and The World Communication School. I beg of you, the reader, listen to every cry and enforce every solution.

What About The Children?: Listening To Their Heart's Cry


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